About Dawn Hollister

Mom at the falls in U.P..jpg

In my watercolors, I like to capture contrast and motion. I think it's for the same reason that people jump out of airplanes...It's a thrill! I actually get excited when I see something that I want to paint. I like the speed of watercolor. There is no long drying time. And, if your pallet is dry, a quick spray of water and you're back in business. I have learned from watercolors to relax and enjoy painting, rather than being afraid it won't turn out. Rather than painting subjects of political, cultural, or social nature, I prefer to paint quiet, silent, peaceful scenes. Landscapes, farm scenes, barns, flowers. I like to paint things that you just happen to come across while walking in the woods. When some people see a certain tree, for instance, the first thing they might say is 'Oh, what a tall tree!, and want to climb it. When I see the tree, the very first thing that I think of is 'Oh! I just HAVE to paint that!!' I like the color of early spring. It's like you can almost taste it. The early greens, (sap green) just takes my breath away. I LOVE green! Then there's fall, which is a different experience altogether. I love the way that trees change color throughout the year. There are so many reds and yellows. And how the trees never look the same year after year.