"Nash", Pen & Ink, 5" x 7"
"My Turn on the Ladder", Colored Pencil, 15" x 22"
"Hank", Pen & Ink, 8" x 10"
"High Chip", Watercolor, 15" x 22"
"Carrie", Pen & Ink, 8" x 10"
"Uncommon Common Barn Owl", Pen & Ink,  15" x 20"
"Jack's Sister", Pen & Ink, 8 1/2" x 11"
"Jack", Pen & Ink, 5" x 7"
"Jack's Sister", Original Photo
"Jack", Original 16 mp Photo
"I can work from any photograph, but the higher the resolution, the better the drawing, so if you're taking the photo yourself, take the sharpest one you can".
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